Prefab Houses Calcium Silicate Board Wall Stretched Cable Membrane Structure Villa Tent For 2 people


Prefab Houses Calcium Silicate Board Wall Stretched Cable Membrane Structure Villa Tent For 2 people

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Product Details

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Five Advantages Of Products

  • Soundproof fireproof heat insulation calcium silicate board wall
  • Can put a bathroom and a bedroom
  • It can be used in camps by the sea, desert, jungle, mountain and lake.
  • 15 years of life span
  • Size can be customized

Product Details


      The common specifications of tent hotels in Guangzhou Ruibo Tourist Scenic Spot are double-layer PVDF coated fiber cloth (customizable color) as tarpaulin, which has excellent performances of wind, rain, warmth, tear resistance, flame retardant and sound insulation. Good self-cleaning ability, not easy to change color, suitable for temperature -30~70 °C, so that hotel tents can be safely used in various climates! At the same time, customers can add cold insulation and insulation layer according to their needs to enhance the performance of the tarpaulin.

      Guangzhou Ruibo provides one-stop full-service services from design to production, from sales to construction, from planning to decoration. The floor can be provided with different materials and different combinations according to requirements. The simple and elegant solid wood floor is a good choice. We have a professional decoration master, laying a solid keel and a high-quality waterproof layer for the floor, making the floor durable and beautiful, full of retro romantic atmosphere.

The composition of the hotel tent

1.Roof Cover:

       The top of the house is made of PVDF architectural membrane material with strong tensile properties. The weight of the PVDF membrane used herein is typically 1050 grams. We can make roofs of various shapes according to customer requirements, such as quadrilateral, hexagon, one vertex, two vertices, four vertices and so on.


       The frame of the hotel tent is made up of steel. Our steel structure has two anti-corrosion treatment processes. One is the commonly used double-protective paint. The steel structure is first derusted, then the first layer of epoxy zinc-rich primer is applied first, and finally the top coat is brushed. The other is to adopt a hot-dip galvanizing process. If the project site is close to the sea or in an acidic and alkaline environment, hot-dip galvanizing is necessary.


       Since the roof is made of a wall with a strong tensile strength, its tension can reach 800 Newtons, so the frame of the house must be supported by a strong steel structure. Depending on the application site of the house, the steel structure will be treated differently. If the membrane structure hotel tent is built on the beach, the steel structure skeleton must be treated with hot-dip galvanizing and anti-corrosion treatment because the house is in a very salty environment. If it is built on a mountain, it can be done with double protective paint.


       There are many types of decks, and we usually use plastic wood flooring and steel frame support, because the wood flooring can be exposed to the sun for a long time, no matter how strong the light, it will not crack or deform, more The important thing is that it will not fade after a long period of rain, which is why we choose them.

Our service

Design                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Guangzhou Ruibo Membrane Structure uses the latest tensile structure design software to produce                                                                                                                                        Detailed tensile structure design.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Contain:

BIM model design (building information model),

Lookup and load analysis, integrated architectural design,

Joint force analysis, membrane cutting analysis,

Construction process simulation, numerical wind tunnel simulation

Membrane manufacturing

Film manufacture plays an important role in the tensile structure.

There are many fabrics (PVC, PVDF, PTFE, ETFE) on the market, they come from all over the world, they have different characteristics and prices, different welding or joining technology. We will make the best choices from structural design, project location and customer budget.

Steel manufacturing

The tensile structure is made of welded steel structural members

And painted in our factory.

We will perform the following procedures to a high standard:

Paint thickness detection, ultrasonic testing,

Magnetic particle testing, high strength bolt torque testing,

Cable pre-tensioning, rust removal,

Pre-assembly inspection, painting, etc.

Wire rope manufacturing

Wire ropes and hardware are sourced from the most reliable and certified industry suppliers that meet international quality standards.

Wire rope manufacturing is carried out under the guidance of our skilled and experienced experts.


    The installation of the tension structure is critical to overall success.

For project.

    We will provide on-site installation services. Our project manager will work and coordinate with the client.

Structure of the installation. Includes steel construction, membrane lift and tension measurement. If you prefer self

Line installation, we will send you detailed instructions so that it can be easily installed.


    Our service will not end at the time of delivery and installation!

    Because we only use the highest quality film materials and steel frames, wire ropes and parts. You can rest assured that your new stretch structure is built to last. In addition, the stretch structure does not require much maintenance and we offer a one year warranty.

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