Prefab 2 Bedroom White PVDF Waterproof Fabriccalcium silicate board wall House Tents For Resort


Prefab 2 Bedroom White PVDF Waterproof Fabriccalcium silicate board wall House Tents For Resort

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Product Details

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Five Advantages Of Products

  • Easy transportation and installation, short construction period
  • High tensile strength and light weight
  • Full of artistic sense and strong self-cleaning ability
  • Modular assembly structure, which can be built in seaside, desert, jungle, mountain, river camp, etc.
  • Heat insulation, waterproof, flame retardant, strong UV resistance and weather resistance

Product Details

This resort hotel tent is a house built by the lake. It combines traditional architecture with modern new environmentally friendly architecture. This hotel tent is a two-bedroom house with two bedrooms, a bathroom and a living room, suitable for 2 to 4 people.


   Structurally, this separate double-deck structure has excellent thermal insulation, and even in the desert, the indoor temperature can be kept in the proper range. The wall is made of calcium silicate board with a thickness of 100 mm. The middle is filled with soundproofing and heat insulation to make the room have good sound insulation.

The composition of the hotel tent

1.Roof Cover:

       Separate double structure roof. The outer layer of material is PVDF material, imported material, and a long life span of 15 years. It reflects most of the sun's rays, filtering a lot of ultraviolet light and most of the heat, making the temperature in the indoor room much lower than the outdoor temperature.


       The frame of the hotel tent is made up of steel. Our steel structure has two anti-corrosion treatment processes. One is the commonly used double-protective paint. The steel structure is first derusted, then the first layer of epoxy zinc-rich primer is applied first, and finally the top coat is brushed. The other is to adopt a hot-dip galvanizing process. If the project site is close to the sea or in an acidic and alkaline environment, hot-dip galvanizing is necessary.


       There are two types of walls in our hotel tent wall. One type is a glass wall, and the glass wall also has a common glass wall with poor sound insulation and a hollow glass wall with good sound insulation. Another type of wall is a sandwich panel wall, which is a commonly used wall because of its economical benefits.


       The deck of the hotel tent is made up of plastic wood floors and steel frame supports. Plastic wood flooring is very practical, because it can withstand the sun and rain, and will not be deformed and faded, so it is very suitable for outdoor flooring. In addition, if you want to save costs, you can also make a cement platform instead of the deck, which is also a very cost-effective option.

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