Hot Sale Prefab Houses PVDF/PTFE Fabric Material Camp Tent Glass Wall hotel Glamping Tents For Jungle Resort


Hot Sale Prefab Houses PVDF/PTFE Fabric Material Camp Tent Glass Wall hotel Glamping Tents For Jungle Resort

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Five Advantages Of Products

  • High tensile strength and light weight
  • heat insulation, waterproof, flame retardant, strong UV resistance and weather resistance
  • full of artistic sense and strong self-cleaning ability
  • Easy transportation and installation, short construction period
  • Modular assembly structure, which can be built in seaside, desert, jungle, mountain, river camp, etc.

Product Details

What are the configurations of resort tents?

    Resort tent house: The resort tent house integrates a series of tent systems to meet customer needs for different tent hotels. Luxury tent hotel system includes roof system, wall system, steel structure system, door and window system, platform system.

    Resort tents in our factory can be customized and designed to meet the needs of each customer. At the same time, it also eliminates any waste of resources, thus providing customers with customized professional tent hotel solutions.

    Roof system: The roof system of the resort tent uses a three-layer fabric structure. The outermost layer is a German brand of PVDF film material, which is mainly used for    waterproofing, heat insulation and UV protection, and can be used for 15 years. The middle layer is a PVC film material, which is mainly used to block mosquitoes and sand from entering the room, keep the room closed, and prevent indoor air-conditioning gases from escaping. The innermost layer is a smallpox fabric, which is used to cover the middle PVC film material so that customers will not feel the plastic.

    Wall system: Since hotel tents are usually used in the wild, we need to consider the wall's thermal insulation, moisture resistance and thermal insulation. We use silica-calcium slab walls filled with light steel framework and rock wool. This kind of wall is not only soundproof and moisture-proof, but also convenient for transportation and installation.

    Steel structure system: In order to facilitate transportation and installation, all our steel structures, including roof steel structures and wall support pillar steel structures, are screwed. More importantly, we adopt hot-dip galvanized anti-corrosion treatment for steel structures, which can effectively prolong the corrosion time of steel structures, thereby extending the life span of steel structures.

     Door and window system: Our door and window system has wood grain paint aluminum frame glass doors and windows and wood materials doors and windows, and is equipped with mosquito-resistant mesh fabric. Our door and window system can meet the different needs of customers.

    Platform system: Our platform system is composed of hot-dip galvanized steel structure and anti-corrosive wood floor. Due to the special chemical anti-corrosion treatment, this anti-corrosion wood can protect from sun, moisture and maggots.

    Bathroom system: Our bathroom system uses integrated bathroom kits, including shower rooms, toilets, wash basins, etc.

    If you are interested, please contact me for more details.

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